Eloi Pereira



I'm a Haskeller

@ UC Berkeley
107E McLaughlin Hall
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720
Mobile Phone: +1 510 717 2456

@ Portuguese Air Force Academy
Granja do Marquês
2715-021 Pêro Pinheiro 
Tel: +351 21 967 89 56 
ext: 501773
Mobile Phone: +351 96 507 8179


I'm a PhD candidate at the Systems Engineering program at the University of California at Berkeley . My adviser is Prof. Raja Sengupta
I'm an officer of the Portuguese Air Force (holding the rank of Captain)  affiliated with the Portuguese Air Force Academy where I'm a researcher in the area of mobile robotics and a lecturer in the area of Telecommunications and Avionic Systems.

My dissertation work focuses on models and languages for Cyber-Physical Systems embedded in dynamic spatial environments.
I'm interested on aggregates of mobile agents that can react upon structural changes of the environment and manipulate it to meet a given goal.
These agents can specify computation running over a wide range of devices such as mobile robots or people navigating with smartphones. 
The main premise is that they are mobile and interactive 

As a roboticist, my work focuses on domain-specific languages (DSL) for specifying collaborative missions of mobile robots performing a wide-range of missions such as maritime surveillance, environmental sensing, and tracking of oceanic features. 
See the Videos section for some samples of unmanned vehicle missions. 

I'm currently involved in the following research projects (see videos and research sections for details): 
Research interests: Cyber-Physical Systems, mobile robotics, models of computation, semantics, domain-specific languages, collaborative control.

  • May 1st: Talk "PROGRAMMING MOBILE ROBOTS USING BIGACTORS - AN OIL SPILL MONITORING EXERCISE" at Swarm Seminar, UC Berkeley. Click here the details. Slides coming soon.
  • July 9-19, 2013: Environmental Monitoring Exercise at Portimão, Portugal (collaboration between Portuguese Air Force and Portuguese Navy). See the video below for details:
  • We appeared on the news :). See blow in Portuguese:

Recent publications

[1] Michele Sevegnani and Eloi Pereira. Towards a bigraphical encoding of actors. In to appear at the proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Meta Models for Process Languages (MeMo 2014), Berlin, Germany, 2014. [ bib | .pdf ]

[2] Eloi Pereira, Pedro Marques, Clemens Krainer, Christoph M. Kirsch, Jose Morgado, and Raja Sengupta. A Networked Robotic System and its Use in an Oil Spill Monitoring Exercise. In Swarm at the Edge of the Cloud Workshop (ESWeek'13), volume 2, pages 1-2, Montreal, QC, Canada, 2013. [ bib | .pdf ]

[3] Eloi Pereira, Karl Hedrick, and Raja Sengupta. The C3UV Testbed for Collaborative Control and Information Acquisition Using UAVs. In American Control Conference (ACC), volume 2, pages 1466 - 1471, Washington, DC, USA, 2013. IEEE. [ bib | .pdf ]

[4] Eloi Pereira, Camille Potiron, Chirstoph M. Kirsch, and Raja Sengupta. Modeling and controlling the structure of heterogeneous mobile robotic systems: A bigactor approach. In 2013 IEEE International Systems Conference (SysCon), pages 442-447, Orlando, FL, USA, April 2013. IEEE. [ bib | DOI | .pdf ]

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