Eloi Pereira
I am a researcher that works in the intersection between “computation”, “artificial intelligence” and “mobile robotics”. Cyber-physical systems, such as smartphones and autonomous vehicles, are becoming mobile and ubiquitously embedded in our environment. While moving, these systems interact with users, with the environment using sensors and actuators, and with other devices using a communication infrastructure. My research focuses on designing and developing programming models and tools for systems that change their location and connectivity. The aim is to provide programmers with means for building mobile, reactive, and scalable applications.

I have been applying my research work in the area of autonomous vehicles. I have been focusing on designing and developing software architectures for teams of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) as well as on the integration of onboard embedded computing and control systems, communication hardware, and a wide spectrum of sensors such as optic cameras, thermal cameras, and CO2 sensors. Since 2006, I have been working on multidisciplinary teams from several institutions that design, develop, and operate UAVs performing a wide range of missions such as environmental monitoring, maritime safety, and environmental sensing. 

Research interests: Cyber-Physical Systems, mobile robotics, models of computation, semantics, domain-specific languages, collaborative control.